Cost of Being LGBTQ or Black Abroad

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn



Feb. 4, 2020, 9 p.m.

What’s it like to travel and live outside the U.S. when you’re at high risk for harassment? Gaby talks with queer travel writer Meg Ten Eyck about what should you invest in for safety and what information you need to know before you move or even visit a new country as someone that is queer, gender non-conforming or another member of the LGBTQ community. Plus, find out why countries should be marketing to LGBTQ tourists. Then, we talk to Timothy Anderson, a black teacher from Tennessee, who moved to Japan and regularly finds himself sticking out like a sore thumb. What’s it like to live in a country where you’re one of very few black people? CONTENT WARNINGS: homophobia, racism and sexism