Episode 83: Esther Perel

Product Hunt Radio



April 19, 2016, 7:15 a.m.

Esther Perel is the perhaps world’s foremost expert on relationships. In this episode we talk about why desire wanes in relationships, how she would devise her own sex-education curriculum, why a bit of jealousy is good, how couples make non-monogamy work, how childhood affects one’s relationships, and much more. Esther has just launched a course called Rekindling Desire, which gets into all this stuff and much more. http://rekindlingdesire.com/?ims=yrbbp&utm_campaign=Discovering+Desire+2016+04&utm_source=Influencer&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Product+Hunt Here are the perks: -- Grand Opening price of $297 (After the grand opening, the normal price immediately goes up to $497 - $200 value) -- Private Facebook Group Support Community -- Signed copy of Esther’s book Mating in Captivity -- The first 300 people to register will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a private two-hour individual or couple therapy session with Esther. Edited by @alexkontis Co-host is @clairecaveny Lavish Praise to @EstherPerel Constructive Criticism to @eriktorenberg