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April 9, 2019, 9 p.m.

In today's episode, Ryan interviews Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front. Front is a shared inbox for your team and the company is used by startups big and small. They raised a whopping $66 million from Sequoia last year.

Mathilde and Ryan met at Y Combinator, when they were in the same batch in Summer 2014. It was at that time that Ryan recognized something special about Mathilde and her team: they build fast and embrace a very transparent culture, which has no doubt led to their success.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why it's important as a founder to remain humble.
  • Why, contrary to reports of its demise, email is *not *dying.
  • How Mathilde manages company culture at a fast-growing startup with offices in both San Francisco and Paris.
  • The products she uses to stay sane and productive.

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Quotes from This Episode

“There are two types of people: there are people that join the company because it’s most likely going to be successful and there are people that join because they want to make it successful. You should try to understand if the person is joining because they want to be part of the adventure or because they want to build this adventure.” — Mathilde

“People seem to be pretty happy at Front, so I try to understand why. I asked them, 'why are you happy?' The most frequent answer was the fact that they understand how their work relates to the bigger vision that we have.” — Mathilde

“It’s super important to hire people who are confident enough that they won’t care if something doesn’t work because the biggest mistake you can make is not acknowledging something isn’t working and keeping doing it. Self-confidence is something that I’ve been looking for in most hires.” — Mathilde

Companies and Products Mentioned in This Episode

Five Minute Journal — The simplest, most effective way to be happier every day.

Front — Efficient email for teams.

Headspace — Learn to meditate and live mindfully.