How to build a remote team with Ben Halpern of Dev

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Feb. 12, 2019, 9 p.m.

Abadesi is back to talk to Ben Halpern, creator, founder, and webmaster of DEV, an online community where developers share ideas and help each other grow. He is also behind @ThePracticalDev on Twitter and runs DEV alongside his two other co-founders, Jess Lee and Peter Frank. Fun fact: Ben is a Canadian who moved to NYC to join a startup and never left. He spoke to Aba from Brooklyn.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why you need to lead by example when you're building an online community and how your behavior as a founder on the site can be more effective in setting a tone than complicated rules.
  • How DEV manages their distributed team, the advantages of working from home, and being honest with yourself about when you need to take a break from your work as a founder, even if it's not easy to do.
  • His love for open source, his predictions for future trends on the web and his very unique personal website, which is a throwback to the web of years past.

We also talk about his love for Tiles, the surprising usefulness of Android's Measure app, and why Ben says if you're not using a password manager, you're “not living your digital life to the fullest.”

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Quotes from This Episode

“[On creating good communities] It didn’t just happen by accident, we really tried to foster this stuff by example. Anytime we try to create something new, some kind of new behavior or anything, we really try to do it by leading the way and being good ourselves and then rewarding those who get it, who share our understanding of what a good community needs to be.”

“You can really do anything you can want on the web. It’s a really fascinating platform. Anything you can hear or visualize is possible, it’s just our imagination that limits it.”

“[On remote work] I would say that it’s a good idea, but it’s not going to be something you get right at first, so you’re going to have to be accepting of it being a gradual thing that you don’t give up on but you also don’t just jump in and do without the expectation that anything’s going to go wrong.”

Companies and Products Mentioned in This Episode

Amazon Alexa — Get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

LastPass — Essential password manager.

Measure — Measure anything with your phone.

Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs — Internet-connected color-changing lightbulbs that you can program yourself.

Tile — Track your lost items.