Maker Stories: Episode 23 w/ Dayna Tortorici

Product Hunt Radio



Aug. 5, 2015, 11:12 a.m.

This week I talk with Dayna Tortorici editor in chief of n+1 magazine. It’s my fundamental belief that you can be a huge fan of your industry while also critiquing it at the same time. So I found it N+1 magazine especially refreshing in that offers no humble bragging, no-ass kissing, and no click bait. Just dead on, beautifully-written, social commentary. If you want to read something that may challenge core fundamental beliefs, pick up a copy N+1 Magazine. I’m such a believer in its importance that I feel something of a moral responsibiltiy to encourage you to read it. Dayna and I talk about Women in Tech, the Lean In philosophy of Feminism, the difference between an artist and a businessperson, and much more. Check out N+1 here: Edited by Frances Harlow Interviewer: @eriktorenberg