Product Hunt Radio: Episode 19 w/ Ryan Sarver, Jamie Davidson, & Julie Logan

Product Hunt Radio



Aug. 9, 2014, 4:10 p.m.

This week we have a double Ryan feature with myself, Ryan Hoover, and Ryan Sarver (Partner, Redpoint Ventures) along with siblings Jamie Davidson (Sr. Assoc., Redpoint Ventures) and Julie Logan (Founder, Nutmeg). In this episode we chat about a sound-making "Instagram for dogs," a fun app to make it rain $$$ on your friends, and everyone's favorite graphics file format: GIF. Listen in. Products mentioned: - Secret ( - Share anonymously with your friends. Speak freely. - Text ( - Push notification messaging with friends (WUT w/o anonymity) - WUT ( - Anonymously chat with friends - Ultratext ( - Type-to-create interface for GIF creation in seconds - Stacks ( - Make it rain real money on your friends using Venmo - Nutmeg ( - Making it ridiculously easy to text awesome gifs - BarkCam ( - The first camera app designed to make your pup a star - Homejoy ( - Get Your Place Cleaned - Beepi ( - Next gen used car marketplace - Quibb ( - Professional network to share industry news and analysis - IFTTT ( - Put the internet to work for you - Discovr ( - A creative way to discover new music Visit Product Hunt (, a curation of the best new products, every day.