The best advice from founders in 2019

Product Hunt Radio



Dec. 17, 2019, 9 p.m.

In today's episode we have collected the very best from the interviews we've done with founders in 2019.

  • Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front, shared lessons on building a strong company culture and talked about the questions she asks when hiring.
  • Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad, told the story of founding the company and explained some of the challenges that come with taking venture capital.
  • Sharmadean Reid, founder of Beautystack, talked about the unique way she ran her fundraising process, the power of storytelling, and had some great tips for entrepreneurs raising capital.
  • Delane Parnell, founder and CEO of PlayVS, talked about failure and how facing adversity early in his career helped him build PlayVS.
  • David Heinemeier Hansson,co-founder and CTO of Basecamp, talked about how to build a sustainable company and why “small is not a stepping stone.”

We'll be back with Season 3 in January!

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